It is seven years since grandfather Waigong died and Charlie, an Australian Chinese in his 20s, goes to China to help his parents with the second burial. Relatives from Waigong’s first marriage - long thought to be bitter family gossip - unexpectedly turn up at the gravesite and lay claim to the bones.

As family stories are uncovered and old wounds aggravated, Charlie returns to Beijing where he is afflicted by a strange insomnia. As he wanders sleeplessly, searching for a sense of home and waiting for his grandfather to be laid to rest, Charlie stumbles onto Beijing’s punk revolution, discovers family secrets and falls headlong into first love in all its intensity.

In Development


in development  85 mins

  • Daybreak Films
  • Directed by Rhys Graham
  • Written by Christopher O'Young
  • Produced by Christopher O'Young & Philippa Campey